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Mobile apps are among the best forms of digital engagements available today.

Building You a Robust Mobile Application for Your Business

Society has pushed people to adopt an always-on-the-go lifestyle that made sure everyone had their smartphones in their pockets all the time. Mobile devices have made everything easier from staying connected to running business operations from a remote location. The future of every business, e-commerce or not, is mobile and any business that doesn’t take advantage of this is losing a major opportunity to boost sales and grow exponentially.

There are many advantages to developing a mobile app or updating your website to be mobile-friendly including:

  • Improved customer engagement as mobile development offers direct real-time communication with your target audience
  • Mobile apps or mobile-friendly websites increase brand awareness as it serves as an extension for your brand while remaining true to your identity and exploring new customer demographics
  • It is a useful marketing channel to give your brand more exposure and boost sales while establishing a loyalty program for your customers as mobile apps allow you to engage your customers better through notifications, customised brand content, exclusive deals, and reward systems

Almost all businesses are transitioning to mobile-friendly platforms for their websites and it's highly likely that your competitors are on the move as we speak. To get ahead of the competition, make sure to have your mobile apps and websites built by experts who have the experience and expertise that match your needs and specifications impeccably.

The Dott Solutions’ professional mobile developers can build your app on major mobile development platforms to expand your market reach as wide as possible. We work with both Android and IOS systems who have 80% and 18% market shares, respectively.

Each application is custom-built to represent your brand perfectly the way you envision it with unique features exclusive to your brand so you can leverage the competition. Our talented team can even transform existing business web pages into mobile-friendly sites as a cost-efficient alternative.

Who Needs a Mobile App?


Organisations and businesses that do not have an in-house team of mobile app developers.


Product managers and business owners looking to build or improve a new concept or product.


Organisations and businesses who wish to expand and engage digitally savvy customers.

Why Choose Our Mobile App Development?

Funding of up to 85%

Do not missed out on the large pool of grants available

More than 10 Years

Experience in building scalable and secure enterprise architecture

Complex Algorithmn

Experience in building algorithms for maximum efficiency

Product Fit Solution

Fit solution into your process instead of fitting your process to the system


Jump from 10 users to 10,000 concurrent users in a matter of minutes

Data Protection and Secure

Implementation that integrates security and privacy in the process


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