Operational Dashboard

A dashboard could be the most important growth tool that your business will ever need.

Building You a Robust Operational Dashboard for Your Business

The goal of every business owner is to continuously improve, grow, and expand their business to achieve sustainability and success. However, the only way you will know that you are actually improving and going in the right direction is through proper tracking and measurement. After implementing countless systems and processes for multiple clients, we can attest that the fundamental of any growth is to track what you need to grow.

Tracking requires recording of data, gathering information, and generating relevant insights. Only when you have the right data will you be able to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business operations and performance. Without tracking metrics such as new customers, marketing results, financial expenditure, and customer service satisfaction among others, you will be left clueless on what kind of improvements you need to make to hit your desired outcome.

With many years of experience behind us, we can help you understand and track your essential metrics by creating an innovative and intuitive tool customised for your business. Through our operational dashboard, you and your team can easily acquire insights that will help you achieve your business goals.

At The Dott Solutions, we create digital products and tools that we will simplify and streamline operational processes of a business, enabling it to save time, boost productivity, and help them achieve growth and success. Our experience and expertise in building robust IT solutions enable us to work with businesses and lead them towards operational efficiency.

Who Needs a Dashboard?


Business owners and department heads who wish to understand key business metrics and use them for improvement and growth


Team managers and leaders who need to align their members with the team’s and company’s goals.


Individual team members and/or key players who wish to figure out where possible bottlenecks are and what primary issues need to be addressed


Investors who wish to know how their business is doing

Why Choose Our Operational Dashboard?

Funding of up to 85%

Do not missed out on the large pool of grants available

Customised Tracking

Customised dashboard tailored according to your team’s goals

Integrated Experience

Integrated Real-time metrics of your business at your fingertips

KPI Alert Configuration

Get alerts of target metrics KPI and track individual scoring

Data Protection and Secure

Implementation that integrates security and privacy in the process


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